University of California, Irvine
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Teacher Leader Cadre

The Teacher Leader Cadre (TLC) is perhaps the most easily identifiable component through which FOCUS! will endeavor to impact all students in the partnership schools because it targets the teachers who interact with them every day. The TLC has emerged as the first priority action of the FOCUS! Partners Leadership Team to impact school-wide improvements in student achievement in math and science.

The establishment of the TLC is based on the premise that:

Opportunities for professional development exist at each school site in the form of department meetings, grade level meetings, early release or late start days, staff development days, and everyday teacher-to-teacher interactions;

Sufficient training, support and resources will enable secondary school level TLC members from math and science departments of each school to utilize their knowledge of the staff and students to deliver relevant and effective professional development; and

Professional development influences classroom teaching, which is the primary determinant of student achievement.