University of California, Irvine
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University of California Co-Principal Investigators

Juan Francisco Lara Assistant Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Services
Deborah Vandell Chair, Department of Education
Michael Leon Associate Dean, School of Biological Sciences
Manuel N. Gomez Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Partnership Districts

Jeffery Hubbard Superintendent, Newport-Mesa Unified School District
Jesse Gonzalez Superintendent, Compton Unified School District
Jane Russo Superintendent, Santa Ana Unified School District

UCI Faculty and Professional Staff

Barbara Finlayson-Pitts Professor, Chemistry
Bill Heidbrink Professor, Physics
Carol Hughes Associate University Librarian
Cathy Palmer Head, Education and Outreach, UCI Libraries
David Gardiner Research Biologist, Developmental & Cell Biology
Debra Mauzy-Melitz Academic Coordinator, Biological Sciences
Debra Richardson Chair, Information and Computer Science
George E. Miller Senior Lecturer Emeritus, Chemistry
James Nowick Professor, Chemistry
Ken Janda Professor, Chemistry
Kim Edwards Lecturer, Chemistry
Linda Clinard Director, UCI California Reading and Literature Project
Luis Mota-Bravo Director, Biological Sciences Outreach
Mark Finkelstein Associate Professor, Mathematics
Peter Burke Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Sergey Nizkorodov Professor, Chemistry
Tammy Smecker-Hane Associate Professor, Physics & Astronomy
Tara Hutchinson Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering

FOCUS! Management and UCI Mathematics and Science Outreach Center Team

Virginia Mann Professor, Cognitive Sciences and Project Director
Robin Casselman Project Manager and Executive Director, Math & Science Outreach Center
Ann Miller Co-Director, California Science Project, Liaison, Faculty Outreach Collaborations
Terry Shanahan Co-Director, California Science Project, Science Director, Teacher Leader Cadre
Jennifer Alcazar Science Director, Teacher Leader Cadre
Jeanet Kleinschmidt Science Director, Teacher Leader Cadre
Karajean Hyde Co-Director, Irvine Mathematics Project, Mathematics Director, Teacher Leader Cadre
Carleen Watts Co-Director, Irvine Mathematics Project, Mathematics Director, Teacher Leader Cadre
Doreen Ross Co-Director, Irvine Mathematics Project, Mathematics Director, Teacher Leader Cadre
Dolores Wirth Co-Director, Irvine Mathematics Project, Director, Higher Level Mathematics Initiative
Sue Marshall Associate Director, Subject Matter Preparation Programs, Department of Education, Co-Director, Academic Programs, Future Teacher Highway
Roslyn Soto Co-Director, Student Programs, Future Teacher Highway
Griselda Avina Program Coordinator, Future Teacher Highway
Marjorie DeMartino Director of COSMOS, Center for Educational Partnerships
Joan Straub Business Manager
Betty Isa Assistant Project Manager
Mike Jenkins System Analyst/Programmer