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Science and Math Integrating Literacy in Early Childhood


The Science and Math Integrating Literacy in Early Childhood (SMILE) DVD highlights science, math, and literacy research-to-practice early childhood information and experiences that emerged from a four-year National Science Foundation-funded PreK/K Leadership Institute.  The institute trained early childhood educators from three UCI Center for Educational Partnership PreK-12 partnership districts in Compton, Costa Mesa, and Santa Ana. The leadership institute was facilitated by the California Reading and Literature Project in collaboration with California Science Project and Irvine Math Project leaders in the UCI Center for Educational Partnerships.

The following resources are intended to support early childhood educators and others working with parents and families of young children.  The PowerPoint, Viewing Guide and video clips may be downloaded for presentations with the understanding that the UCI Center for Educational Partnerships and this web site ( will be acknowledged as the source.


SMILE DVD Chapters
Introduction   Science and Math Integrating Literacy in Early Childhood (SMILE) Introduction
Family Literacy - Science and Math at Home and in the Real World:   Dr. Linda Clinard, UCI California Reading and Literature Project Literacy Specialist, shares standards-based, research-supported literacy information and everyday activities based upon information shared in her book, Family Time Reading Fun (
Oral Language - A Foundation for Science, Math, and Literacy:   Dr. Virginia Mann, UCI professor/researcher, shares highlights from her research for supporting oral language as a foundation for reading success. Video segments show a child and parent with a home-visitor from the UCI/HABLA Project (Home-based Activities Building Language Acquisition) in which families are guided to develop oral language through music and children's play.
Reading - Fiction and Non-Fiction with Children:   Dr. Hallie Yopp, Cal State University-Fullerton professor/researcher, discusses her research with examples about the need to guide parents and teachers to read for information...and for enjoyment. Parents and teachers are shown at home and in childhood settings interacting with children as they read books.
Impact:   What impact did the NSF-PreK/K Leadership Institute have on you as an early childhood educator?
Credits:   SMILE Production and Credits

Please contact Dr. Linda Clinard ( Literacy Specialist) and she will respond or forward messages to partnerships institutions and schools, as applicable.