University of California, Irvine
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Science, Math, and Reading Training Schools (SMARTS) Leadership Institute


  1. Develop Teacher Leaders who model effective, research-supported practices for colleagues and parents.
  2. Introduce and model research-based assessment and instructional practices that integrate science, math and literacy to improve learning for young children and English Learners at home and in school settings.
  3. Develop collaboration among PreK-K teacher leaders, parents, administrators, and university researchers to gain administrative support for implementation of the PreK-K model and possible continuation of successful, research-supported practices after NSF funding ends.

Each participant submitted evidence in an organized binder to demonstrate completion of the following components of the Individual Leadership Expectations:

  1. Two Student Portfolios
  2. Two Lessons Integrating Science, Math, Literacy
  3. Two Collaborative Leadership Presentations: One for colleagues and one for parents
  4. Science, Math Professional Development beyond PreK/K institute 
  5. One Leadership Team Action Plan