University of California, Irvine
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Goals & Strategies


To change the institutional culture, practices and policies of both preK-12 and higher education regarding a shared accountability for mathematics and science (MS) education;
To create a collaborative model for ongoing professional development of preK-12 faculty regarding MS education, from preservice through induction and retention as members of a preK-16 professional community of faculty devoted to advances in MS education;
To raise significantly the number, diversity, and quality of preparation of mathematics and science teachers, particularly in urban schools where the need is greatest;
To increase the successful engagement of educationally disadvantaged students in a high quality mathematics and science (MS) curriculum, from preK science and math readiness to advanced MS courses and enriched extracurricular experiences; and
To contribute to the national dialogue on how to effect preK-16 systemic change to support quality MS education through rigorous data collection, documentation and evaluation.


Involvement of math and science professionals in “Discipline Dialogues” that cross segmental boundaries and address content and pedagogy;
Support and implementation of “Faculty Outreach Collaborations” offered to students in our three partner districts;
Systemic reform in the professional development of preK-12 teachers of mathematics and science through development of the “Teacher Leader Cadre;” and
Increase the number, quality and diversity of preK-12 teachers of mathematics and science through the “Future Teacher Highway.”