University of California, Irvine
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California Teach/Math Science Initiative (SMI)

The University of California launched the California Teach Science and Math Initiative in 2005 in response to the critical shortage of highly qualified math and science teachers in the state
Faculty Outreach
Collaborations (FOC)
The core activities that directly connect university faculty, their graduate students, and undergraduate students to partner schools.
Leader Cadre (TLC)
The Teacher Leader Cadre will endeavor to impact all students in the partnership schools because it targets the teachers who interact with them every day.
Teacher Highway (FTH)
The vision for the Future Teacher Highway (FTH) is to pool regional resources to recruit and support future teachers along the education continuum, from K-12 to the community college and the university level.
Dialogues (DD)
The Discipline Dialogues address issues in mathematics and science instruction reflected in the California State Board Adopted Science and Mathematics Content Standards for K-12 as well as the content of introductory level college classes.
SMARTS Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten
Leadership Institute
SMARTS Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten Leadership Institute which specializes in science, math, and literacy and works closely with PreK district leaders from three partnership districts.
Research and Evaluation (Eval) FOCUS! activities and outcomes are assessed continually through research and evaluation, engaging all stakeholders in the process of program reform.